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Q series Model Z
    Publish time 2019-03-20 14:08    

 Name:Q series Model Z
 Model:Q series Model Z
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·Model Q-Z track load cell was initially developed in 1991 for weighing & inspecting of freight train over/off axis loads.
·Q-Z track load cells are used in pairs.  When installed directly in the holes with fixed distance on the rail track between two sleepers, the load cells are able to measure the wheel weight of passing freight cars.  When used in two pairs, they can measure the off-axis or asymmetrical loading.  Four pairs of load cells will be needed for measurement of bogie.
·Weighing applications for track based measurements in industrial mining, cement or coal trucks, etc.
·Model Q-ZQ track load cell can be used independently.
Capacity Range: 5~25 ton
Accuracy: 0.1% F.S (P50 track)
Applicable Rail Track Type: P38, P43, P50 & P60.
Crane Rail Track: QU70, QU80, QU100 & QU120.Q-Z

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